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Development progress has been presented there.. we inspired people to pay attention to space environment. Among others the our own-built World’s First Low Power CubeSat GPS receiver has been introduced to CubeSat comunity.

Presentation from 11th CubeSat Developers’ Workshop at Cal Poly now available at

Thank you for your attention again!

If UMHS truly cares about patient safety and, in this case staff safety also, we obviously need to step up our effort of safety that includes a policy that not only bans smoking (as has been set in in place effectively) but to ban lighters and matches as well in our hospital. It no different than policies set up at airports globally now. I respect where I work and applaud its efforts on creating a smoke free environment but lighters and matches if seen visibly, should be taken away, no questions asked..

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“I live in an area where they cheer for San Francisco,” Rearicks said. “And all it is, is whiners. I’ve been to Packers games where they’ve played the 49ers in California, and these fans are gone, walking out when there’s a couple of minutes left and they still have a chance to win the game! They’re fair weather fans.

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She gives to hospitals, hospices, colleges, and private schools. There’s the Eugene B. Casey Diabetes Education Center at Suburban Hospital. The video shows a Gator fan in a suit and sunglasses spouting profanity laced insults about Alabama, while an attractive woman in an orange top and blue underwear stands beside him. He mocks Crimson Tide fans as well as their home state, saying people there have vertical family trees and live in a state that smells like dog water. Challenges Alabama fans to confront him he boasts about being 6 feet 5 inches tall and black belt in four types of martial arts and gives the locations where he says he’ll be tailgating and sitting at the game.

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