Project updates & Space News

Upcoming meeting of ITU organized in Prague, Czech Republic on 2.-4. Feb 2015 have found a free slot.

The CzechTechSat project born under hands of CzechTechnical University graduates will be presented there. Get ready for Tuesday Feb 3rd at 12:15-12:30 CET for Teamleader speech!

73! ITU de OK1SFL!

Czech magazine “21. století” (EN: 21st century) printed and released very nice colorful two-pages long article about our project and balloon test passed in summer 2014 in current January 2015 issue. This popular-science magazine is monthly issued and famous for its understandable description of complex phenomenas, new technologies and projects to broad area of public readers in Czech Republic. Unfortunatelly, the magazine is available in paid section online only, thus the link here is forbidden to be put.

Thank you for your interest, magazine! Await our next project updates (the team is working on it hard) ;)

This is it! The way forward to the sky! We have regular HAM license to operate the Radio Amateur bands which allow us to start to coordinate the frequency of our digital Up/Down link with ITU! The HAM exam has been successfully passed on September 16th, 2014 at 10:00 CET at the Czech Telecommunication Office – thank you committee, we will remember you during operations!

HAREC-A, up to 750 W, all modes.

73 de OK1SFL, looking forward to hear you on bands! Tune da OK0CTS at UHF!


Czech Telecommunication Office building. Beautiful morning, going for HAM license.

Thanks to the Slovak Organization of Space Activities (SOSA), Observatory in Valasske Mezirici, Observatory in Partizanske and a lot of enthusiasts around, in the frame of the „Commonly to the Stratosphere“ initiative funded from the EU Microprojects, the CzechTechSat team was able to let the CubeSat on the trip up to the sky, close to the Space.

The telemetry from the 3 hours-long flight was monitored via mobile groundstation. The onboard antenna deployment test passed successfully at 28.2 km / 92.5k ft up above our heads and the transceiver started to receive the signal from the Earth. Full flight video including the sound of the First CubeSat ever captured on camera aboard stratospheric balloon can be found at the project’s YouTube Channel

CzechTechSat recovered from stratosphere.

Cornell University’s KickSat project ( ) is heading towards the decay in atmosphere as a partly unsuccessful mission today. Real Time Clock circuit assumed for the tiny Sprites (104 satellites) deployment timing was resetted. Probably the radiation induced the bit flips inside. Moreover, failure in the power system disabled the onboard radio as a deployment backup trigger. This made the release mechanism uncontrollably locked.

Development progress has been presented there.. we inspired people to pay attention to space environment. Among others the our own-built World’s First Low Power CubeSat GPS receiver has been introduced to CubeSat comunity.

Presentation from 11th CubeSat Developers’ Workshop at Cal Poly now available at

Thank you for your attention again!